Digital Shamans Records / Meeting Point Festival

Psychedelic trance DJ career starts in 2012 after the launch of a secret party in Japan organized together with his mates.


Meeting Point Festival / producer

Japan Psychedelic Trance Radio / owner


Always in pursuit of the bestest trip for its participants, he also organizes parties and festivals that resonate with the four seasons.

One of his pastimes is to search and discover cutting-edge underground tracks from all over the world and blending them to his own playstyle.

A hardcore soul with a distinctive upper groove, he turns fractal psychedelic sounds into solid blows, pumping up the entire dance.


2012年に某シークレットパーティーチームを仲間と共に立ち上げ、psychedelic trance DJを本格的に始動させる。


また最高にくらえるパーティーをテーマに国内rave partyをそれぞれ個性に特化した作りを企画。





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