DJ Lissssa was born in Beijing, China, in 1994. She began her journey as a DJ when she was 18, a time when psytrance parties have just begun to be known in China. After moving to Japan in 2015, she became a member of the Fullmoon Rec. and switched her performing style from Dark Psytrance to Hitech Psycore. Together with a friend, she created Psy-Emperors Rec. in 2016. Focusing on her music interests, she has been participating in music events and connecting with both domestic and international artists. After getting a tow master degree in 2022, she began to perform more often in Osaka and was invited by Hishiryo to join WILD7 Rec. Apart from this, she enjoys creating experimental film that aim to pursue the balance between reality and fantasy.

DJ Lissssaは1994年に中国の北京で生まれました。中国でサイトランス・パーティーが知られ始めたばかりの18歳の時にDJとしての道を歩み始める。2015年に来日後、Fullmoon Rec.のメンバーとなり、演奏スタイルをDark PsytranceからHitech Psycoreに転向。友人と共に2016年にPsy-Emperors Rec.を創設。音楽の趣味を中心に、音楽イベントに参加し、国内外のアーティストと繋がりを持つ。2022年にtow masterを取得後、大阪で演奏する機会が増え、Hishiryoに誘われWILD7 Rec.に参加。その他、現実と空想のバランスを追求した実験的な映像制作を楽しんでいる。

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