Blackout / OXTseen


旅の途中、タイのパンガン島でパーティーカルチャーに出逢い、PsyTrance / Techno / Houseに惹かれ、四つ打ちミュージックのDJとして始動。


現在はPsy TranceとPsy Ambientを中心にプレイ。

2015年にタイのパンガン島で1万人の来客数を誇る「Full Moon Party」でプレイをする。



Gacky is a Psy Trance and Psy Ambient DJ.

In 2007, when he became 20 years old, he travelled around the world in search for the ultimate experience.

During the trip he encountered party culture in Thailand’s island of Koh Phangan and became interested in Psy Trance, Techno and House music. He started off as a 4/4 kicks DJ at the time.

With the African percussion instruments “Djembe” and “Asalato” in hand, he visited over 25 countries in the total of 3 years and is aiming to apply the sounds and party scenes he came in contact with.

He played DJ at “Full moon Party” in Thailand’s island Koh Phangan in 2015.

He has been organizing “Psymanism” in Kyoto since 2015  and set up a new party called “Blackout” in 2018.

In 2020, he started up a new party, “OXTseen”.


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