Gothic industrial EBM、Neurofunk、Electro-Rave を軸にDjを探求

ドイツの”Stuttgart Kaputtraven”PartyでTrashElectro / Electro-Rave Soundに衝撃を受けagressiveなSoundを求め様々なStyleの実験を始める

長年の自信が求めていたHard DanceSoundを確立し2017年、CRYPTEK名義でDj活動も更に加速していく

自分の中にあるDarkな部分を受け入れ、それを悪いSoundにぶつけ発信していくというコンセプトに基づき deep groove, psychedelic industrial energy、を DarkTechnoで放出し続けている

Darkで深く熱いパッションを秘めつつ冷静でアゲすぎない彼のDjPlayにdancer達はunder groundに引きずり込まれるであろう


Formally known as StratosFEAR since 2009, the dj career began in Stuttgart, Germany, at the age of 15. With deep roots in gothic industrial EBM, neurofunk, and the unique european “trash electro” subgenre from the local “Stuttgart Kaputtraven” electro-rave parties, the years that followed after the influence have gone in countless experimentations of many aggressive genres in the underground scene.

Sink deeper into the abyss, completely changing the style in the name of CRYPTEK – in the concept to surrender completely, be consumed, and unfurl the untamed darkness – manifesting in deep neurotic adrenaline of the psychedelic sound influenced, industrial dark room energy.

Harnessing the life philosophy of finding what you love and to allow it to kill you, driven to balance the yin and yang in our hearts, and passion follows with the darkness that drives, to play the dead CRYPTIC sounds of TEKNO from the Crypt.

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