2009年より自らの楽曲をDJセットに取り入れ、常に音とフロアの融合を意識し研究を重ねる事で、ユニークでハイレベルなBRAVE STYLEを創りあげ、常にシーンを引っ張ってきた。

約10年間で紡いだ第一章から2020年よりSamaa recordsに加入し始まるBRAVE第二章は、より洗練された音で世界各国で評価されている。



まだまだ進化し続ける彼が放つパワフルなベースライン、攻撃的で愉快に飛び回るシンセで創りだされる世界観は例えるならば Funky Middle Dark!

一度聞けば貴方もBRAVE WORLDに吸い込まれることは間違いなし!



BRAVE (Samaa Records/B-55)

“BRAVE” is the name of solo project of KEISUKE from B-55
He started making tracks from 2003. He plays energetically at the parties all around the world for five years until 2008.He takes in a great variety of vibes and outputs though BRAVE’s original filer, that are aggressive and psychedelic, but also have sound of gentleness.From 2009, he incorporate his tracks to his DJ set. He keeps leading the party culture, creating unique and high standards “BRAVE STYLE”.He keeps on making an effort to be aware of marriage between sound and the dance floor.
These ten years were the first chapter of BRAVE. As he joined Samaa records, the second chapter begins from 2020. Which is more sophisticated and highly evaluated all around the world. His creation of sound gain steam. His sounds makes audience’s big smile giving sense of security and envelop in peace.His musical pieces are released from killer label domestically and internationally. BRAVE’s style is produced by ‘powerful baseline’ that is still evolving and ‘synthesizer’ that flying around aggressively and happily. That is like Funky Middle Dark!
Once you listen, you will be captivated by BRAVE’s WORLD for sure!

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