Matsuri Digital / IDPS / Powerholic

2007年より大阪アンダーグランドシーンを中心に、DJ兼プロデューサーとして活動、渚音楽祭2012を始め、全国各地のクラブやフェス等への出演、また自身のプロダクションである”POWERHOLIC”では、2015年に”Skizologic”や”Dirty Saffi”を招聘した野外フェス”IZANAGI FESTIVAL”や、今はなき”ALZAR”でのレギュラーイベント”PSYCHEDELIC FRIDAY”、2017年・2018年と”MAD TRIBE”をハロウィンに招聘した”OSAKA HALLOWEEN”など大小様々な野外イベント、クラブイベントの主催を手がけてきた。
2019年には、日本が世界に誇るGoa Tranceレーベル”MATSURI DIGITAL”の公式アーティストに加入。2020年にはハンガリーの”OZORA FESTIVAL”が主催のネットストリーミングラジオ”radiOzora”にDJ Mixの提供、2021年現在はClub Jouleにてレギュラーイベント“MATSURI in JOULE”を主催中。
また、メディアで話題を集めるDJスクール、”IDPS OSAKA”のDJ・DTMコースの常任講師としても務める。また様々なトライバル楽器、ドラムとフィーチャリングするDJバンド”Amartman”としてライブ・作曲を行う顔を持つなど、大阪を中心に全国で活躍中。


Born on Culture Day in Osaka, Japan as half Japanese and half Indian. Studied molecular and brain science at Osaka University, and caught a glimpse of the spiritual world in the microcosm.
Since 2007, he has been active as a DJ and producer mainly in the Osaka underground scene, appearing at clubs and festivals all over Japan, including “Nagisa Music Festival 2012”, ”MATSURI”events. He has produced at the “IZANAGI FESTIVAL”, an outdoor festival that invited “Skizologic” and “Dirty Saffi”, and regular event “PSYCHEDELIC FRIDAY” at the now defunct “ALZAR”, and in 2017 and 2018, he hosted “OSAKA HALLOWEEN”, which invited “MAD TRIBE” for Halloween, and other outdoor and club events of various sizes.
In 2019, he will become an official artist of the world-renowned Japanese Goa Trance label “MATSURI DIGITAL”. In 2020, he will be providing DJ mixes for “radiOzora”, an internet streaming radio station hosted by “OZORA FESTIVAL” in Hungary, and in 2021, he is currently organizing “MATSURI in JOULE” at Club Joule.
He is also a regular educator at the DJ/DTM course at IDPS OSAKA, a DJ school that has attracted a lot of attention in the media and he performs and composes music as part of the DJ band “Amartman” featuring various tribal instruments and drums.
He plays many style of psychedelic trance from old school to new school and remaster his tracks by himself in his studio where he believes that the possibilities of “sound” are infinite and there are no limits. He has gained a reputation for his unique style that draws inspiration from other genres such as techno, hard, industrial, and trance.




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