Milega Records/いとをかし/和刻/FMY



日本各地をParty巡礼の旅をし、様々なTrancemusicに触れ続け、神聖で真っ直ぐなDARK PsychedelicTranceの世界観により引き込まれ、
2015年、沖縄では唯一シーンが確立されておらず、この素晴らしい音楽を全身全霊を込めて広めていきたいと思い、沖縄唯一のDarkPsychedelic Party“いとをかし”のオーガナイズを始める。


2022年、夏、psychedelic tranceレーベル“Milega Records”にレーベルDjとして加入し、更なる高みを目指し日々邁進中。


From an early age, she grew up touching on music and performing in public, such as electone, piano, and musicals.

Started activities as Dj of Cyber ​​Trance in 2006.

Traveled around Japan on a party pilgrimage, continued to experience various Trance music, and was drawn in by the sacred and straightforward world view of DARK Psychedelic Trance.
In 2015, the only scene has not been established in Okinawa, and I want to spread this wonderful music with all my heart, so I started organizing Okinawa’s only Dark Psychedelic Party “いとをかし”.

While inviting a number of artists from the beginning of her “いとをかし” party, “蓮” is the only Dark Psychedelic woman DJ in Okinawa.

Now in summer 2022, she officially joins Milega Records as Label DJ

The play that extrudes the world view of Dark Psychedelic is characteristic, and the selection that combines delicacy while being astringent is characterized by a smoothy mix.

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